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5-5-5 Warm Market Outreach Program


Open your phone, text to 5 people a day, for 5 consecutive days, for 5 consecutive weeks and watch your team blow up!!


Message #1:


Hi , hope things are awesome on your end! I thought of you as I’ve been tasked with growth efforts for my company, and I’d love your help.


We need quality people for both sales and sales leadership positions and are trying to hire on a referral basis as much as possible. I know you’d know the kind of person we’re looking for, so I thought I’d run it past you.


Positions we’re looking to fill: Part-time (30k-50k) or Full-time (75k-100k+ yr. 1)


No experience in the field required but here are a few non-negotiables:


High Integrity

Strong work ethic/self motivated


Team player

Positive mental attitude


The company is among the best there is regarding culture, growth and leadership.

I’m confident whoever comes onboard will be prosperous.

Thank you so much for putting some thought into this for me.

If anyone comes to mind, I’d be grateful for the connection. Thank you!


Message #2:


Hey , I'm in financial services; we specialize in mortgage protection which protects families from losing their homes in the event of the unexpected death of a breadwinner. We have a big need for help right now.


Here’s what I’ll do, below are a few videos outlining the position, the company, and the culture. Give them a watch and let me know if it looks interesting.


Message #3:


I can’t make any decisions, but my hiring manager NAME can, let me connect you with her, I’ll set up a group chat so we can set aside to hop on the phone. What's a good phone number for you?




Step 1: Post on all social media platforms that your have (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)


“If you could get trained & licensed through the state to work-from-home, part-time, making $3,000-$5,000 per month, would you be interested?”


Step 2: When you receive a comment on your post, reply that you will private message them or direct message them.

Hint: do NOT mention anything about the company or position on the post itself


Step 3: Direct Message the individual


“Hey (name), I’m getting a ton of response to my post, it’s almost overwhelming. Let’s do this, I am booked up today until about 7:30pm EST. At 8pm we have a corporate overview over zoom that’ll give your a lot of good information about the company and the position. I’ll go ahead and get you registered for it before space books up, what’s a good email for you?”


Step 4: When we get their email WE register them here: (Oct Link)


Step 5: Send reminder text 30 minutes before the overview.


Hey (name), overview starts in 30 minutes. See you there! Let me know if you get stuck joining the link: [insert link]

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