Self Booking Script for Zip Recruiter

Hi can I speak to (Candidate) please?


Hi (Candidate) my name is Veronique, I’m the hiring manager at Symmetry Financial Group, how are you today?


I’m calling because you recently applied to the position that we have up on Zip Recruiter, I was just looking at your resume - which is why I’m calling - I wanted to see if we could get you scheduled for an interview.


I have availability on Thursday morning at 9am for a phone interview, would that work for you? Ok, great!


(Candidate) before the interview there are a couple videos that I’m going to ask that you watch. They do a really great job of laying the ground work for the conversation we're going to have on Thursday, so they talk about the position and what it entails, more about who we are as a company - because it’s important for you to get to know us a little bit better too right? They also give you more details on the compensation and the opportunities for growth with this position. Let me make sure that I’m sending that to the right email address, the one I have here is (email)        is that correct? Ok, great!


So I’m going to go ahead and send that over to you, now you’ll see that my email is going to have two links in there, the first is a 5-minute short introduction, and a 20-minute more detailed overview. And that 20-minute video, that’s really where you’ll get the bulk of the information that we’re going to be discussing on Thursday. What I recommend, because there’s so much information in that one, is to watch it with a notepad next to you - just so that way you can jot down any notes or questions that come up along the way.


Ok, I’m going to go ahead and email both of those links over to you within the next couple of minutes, and I’m also going to include the time of your interview on Thursday, that way you have everything you need all in one place.


So I’ll reach out to you for your interview on Thursday at 9am, if you have any questions before then, please feel free to let me know!


Thanks and have a great rest of your day!

First Interview FAQs


1.     What is the position?


The position that you applied for the Mortgage Protection Sales position. What agents do, and what you would be doing is helping families in your area protect the equity that they’ve put in their homes with Mortgage Protection. So you would call up our warm leads from home, and then go out and meet with the families face-to-face to see, out of all of the products that we represent - from AIG, Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha and many others - which of the products that we represent would best fit that family’s needs and their budget.


2. How do the leads work?/Does this require cold calling?


The leads are all warm leads that are generated by our corporate office. What our corporate office does, is they send mailers to clients that have either just purchased or re-financed a home. The people that interested in hearing more about the products reply back by either calling  the number on the mailer or sending the mailer back in with their contact information. Those are the people that you would be essentially following up with.


            Do I have to pay for the leads?


            It’s optional. You aren’t required to buy leads. You could certainly do it the old  conventional way like cold call, door knock or find people you know. Have you worked or interviewed with other insurance companies before?

            The leads our agents work typically cost $5 each. We have leads as inexpensive  as $0.50 -$5.50 (which are clearly older, which is why they are $0.50) and as much as $27.50 for the brand new leads. What I typically find is those that took                    the training seriously and are plugged in to the conference calls, when an agent  invests $100 in leads typically they can convert that into $500-$1000 in  commission.


            So, if an agent wants to make $50,000 typically they will invest a $100 per week. If they want $100,000 per year, then normally that’s $200-$250 per week, which will convert into $2000-$2500 in commission = $100,000 per year. Does that make sense?


3. What’s the pay?/How does the pay work?


This is a commission only position. You actually get paid directly from the insurance carriers, and what we’re seeing now is that in the last year our full time agents are making about $100k in their first year, and part time agents can make any where between $50k-$60k.


4. What carriers do you currently represent?


Symmetry is contracted with over 20 different carriers, some of the biggest names that you might know are AIG, TransAmerica, Mutual of Omaha, United Home Life…just to name a few.


5. Your calling from______ but I live in _______, how would that work?


All of our agents are home-based, and they help families that live around them. So you would be helping families that live in your area. As far as the interview goes, it’s going to be over the phone.


6. Do I need a special license for this?


Yes, the Mortgage Protection products fall under the category of life insurance - so to be able to sell the products you will need a Life Insurance License. The licensing is something that we can help you out with in the on boarding process.


            How does that work?


            Once we get you interviewed, and get your application in and pre-approved by our                       corporate office - then we’ll give you a discount code for the online insurance course.                     Normally that kind of course goes for $200 or $300, but with our discount we’re able to                         knock that down to about $80. Which isn’t a bad discount if you ask me!


            How long does it take to complete the course?


            That’s completely up to you! It’s a 40 hour course, because that’s what’s mandated by the state, and I’ve seen some agents complete that in 3 or 4 days, and I’ve had others  take a month or two to complete it. It’s all about your motivation and your drive to get that knocked out so that you can get started right away!

Kyle & Lisa Kimbrell Email Touch

Dear ________, 


Thank you for your interest in Symmetry Financial Group (  SFG was established with the goal of helping to bring balance to the professional and personal lives of independent insurance agents and agency builders across the country with a market focus on mortgage protection, final expense, IUL’s, and annuities.


By focusing on a more balanced distribution of commissions, SFG is truly committed to sharing the wealth of opportunity with you, all while delivering high levels of service and training to our sales force.


Combining our Lead Program with business values of trust, reliability and integrity, Symmetry Financial Group is committed to ensuring your personal goals and objectives can be successfully defined and subsequently achieved over the short, medium and long term. 



First, please review our agency career information website: 







Next please review the following videos that provide a detailed overview on 

our model, timing, sales process and compensation. 



SFG Timing & Market Potential (4 min)



Corporate Overview & Compensation (13min)  / Culture of Symmetry (10 min)  / 


What We Do 


Phone Appointment - SFG Leads (4 min)



In the Home with Lead Clients (14 min)





If you are currently a licensed agent - please let me know if you would 

like a SFG New Producer contract emailed to you. 





If you are not licensed and would like to pursue state licensing please follow these 



Enroll at Discount Code: SFGMMartin $49.99 Life and Health