Welcome to your first week of live training.

Live training is an interactive live role play class for licensed agents or agents awaiting licensure.
These classes are considered the "TEST" before the "FINAL EXAM".
The "FINAL EXAM" is dialing and meeting with clients which is designed to happen this weekend.
Our trainers will use this time to help massage the delivery of the material you've been learning so it presented as effectively as possible.
Please be on 10 minutes early to test camera and microphone.
All attendees will be included in live practicing the material from the self study section.

1. Monday  8:00PM EST: Business Planning 

Where: www.zoom.us/j/2399894347

Password: Awesome 

Curious how to put together everything you've been learning and get ahead of the curve on running your business here?

This class is designed to take the guess-work out of making money quickly while balancing personal and professional life.

2. Tuesday 8:00PM EST Phone Training/Appointment Setting Role Play 

Where: www.zoom.us/j/2399894347

Password: Awesome 

Get ready to practice all the stuff you've been memorizing!

Work with our appointment setting experts to get you primed up for making your very first dial weekend a success!

Come prepared to impress with your scripts printed, objections out, and cameras on! It's going to be a GREAT CLASS!

3. Wednesday 8:00PM EST: Sales Presentation  Training Role Play Part 1 

Where: www.zoom.us/j/2399894347

Password: Awesome

-Be ready to present all 4 videos from the "Self Study" pages.

-We will be working thru the first half of the in home presentation

4. Thursday 8:00PM EST: Sales Presentation Training Role Play Part 2 

Where: www.zoom.us/j/2399894347

Password: Awesome

-We will be putting a lot of focus on role playing the "WHY story" & presenting plans.

5. LIVE DIALS ON ZOOM!  - Contact your agency owner for the room number

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we all call LIVE together on zoom! 

PRIME DIAL TIME 9am-1pm 4pm-8pm DAILY

Cut down your learning curve and get live on the spot help while dialing on zoom with friends!

6. Sunday 8:00PM EST: First Time Dialer Recap


Where: www.zoom.us/j/2399894347

Password: Awesome

After your first phone calls, meet with Agency Owner,  Kellie Kushner on Sunday at 8pm so she can do a check on where you're at, dive in and give you some insider tips on how to win quick! 




  • If you are planning to go in the home - Print off TOP 10 applications (3-4 hours) Send a photo of what you printed to your upline or admin to ensure you've printed the correct applications.

  • Make sure to meet with your upline to review which plans to show