Warm Market Training


Featuring: Kyle Kimbrell

Kyle & Lisa Kimbrell built a 6 million dollar agency their first year here! They got to 110% contract level in under 3 years and did it ALL ON WARM MARKET. Kyle Unlocks 20 year of experience on building teams in a VERY simple, duplicatable process!

Fast forward video to 30 minute mark.

Simple 3 Step Process 

STEP 1 - TEXT: "Are you open to additional income if it will fit into your schedule?"

STEP 2 - Text 5 min video


*Send additional info if your AO wants before 3 way call 

*Follow up 48 hours w/ prospects

STEP 3 - 3 way call w/ AO

"Do you want to build an agency/passive income?"

"When do you want to start building an agency? .."

  -> Share these three steps, rinse and repeat