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Welcome to Advanced In-Home Training!


Here you will find in-depth training on the MOST commonly missed things in an agents second week in the field. I recommend reviewing one session per day in your second week. Remember to take notes and practice and review these videos MULTIPLE TIMES. As your skills improve, you will learn something new each time you listen to it!"

  ~Miranda Martin, Managing Vice President & Agency Owner

 "I Can't Decide Tonight"

Our MOST commonly missed thing in an agents first weeks is EXACTLY what is covered in this webinar. We will show you how to over come this "Decide Tonight" as well as present how to do micro-commitments



  1. Memorize the two "DECIDE TONIGHT SCRIPTS"

  2. Re-listen to this Webinar to really understand the use of "Micro-commitments"

  3. Listen to DAY 2 Webinar next

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