Welcome to your second week!

Sunday: First Time Dialer Recap  

Meet with Miranda Martin or Jamie Irvin on Sunday at 8:00PM EST for check in  www.zoom.us/j/j2399894347 

MUST TEXT RSVP to Kellie (224) 234-0855


Week 2 - Wednesday: Business Planning

What to focus on and what and where to put things on your schedule.

         Content: Business Planning Video (80 mins)   Homework: Order two books, Make your schedule and turn into Agency Owner (15 mins), Turn in GMR (10 mins), Start recruiting.

Before you hit the field! 

  • If you are planning to go in the home and NOT do client presentations via webinar or telesales - Print off TOP 10 applications (3-4 hours) Send a photo of what you printed to your upline or admin to ensure you've printed the correct applications.

  •  Listen to the "How to do the 911 call" on the way to your first client presentation.  (60 mins)

      Admin Training

         How to Fill Out An Application Video Training . (13 mins + 7 Mins)

         How to Put Your Application Into OPT Video Training (6 minutes)

         How to Follow Up on Pending Business  (5 mins + 5 mins) *Download Spreadsheet to Track Apps and Commissions **Check in with your manager**


Remember to reach out to your upline mentor after each step of the way!